Our new 5-year initiative will look at what it will take to END AIDS transmission, raising the bar on our company involvement with this issue through deeper storytelling, education, advocacy, and community engagement.

Our commitment to work more deeply on HIV-AIDS comes out of work conducted over the last 14 years on the disease. Since 2004, we have connected audiences with the faces behind the epidemic: patients, family members, healthcare professionals, and scientists. We have profiled children with HIV-AIDS in South Africa, scientists working to discover drugs in Belgium, and peer-to-peer counselors in the US. We've also used video to highlight barriers to health like the social stigma ex-prisoners face re-entering their communities.

2.1 Million children worldwide are living with HIV— most of them were infected by their HIV positive mothers during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding.

We are at a critical moment in time. We have had incredible successes in tackling this horrific disease. Science has provided treatment unimaginable 25 years ago, but if we don’t, as a global community, recommit our energies much of our progress could be erased.


We will be reporting on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, including new research and clinical trials focused on vaccines and drugs. We will also examine what is and isn’t working in relation to community engagement and devising ways to increase economic opportunity for vulnerable populations.

  • Feature Film, 'Ending AIDS'

  • Non-fiction Companion Book

  • Short Graphic Novel

  • 80+ Short Pieces of Content (text, video, infographics, etc.)

  • Educational content for medical schools, nursing schools, and public health schools focused on vaccine development and clinical trials.

Advocacy & Community Engagement

  • Participation in 75+ digital & in-person events that drive commitments from global leadership and support for ending HIV-AIDS