How can we stop infectious disease outbreaks from becoming global health epidemics in an increasingly connected world?



In 2013, Ikana Health Action Lab began an epidemic preparedness initiative. 

In the 21st century, because of population growth, urbanization, travel and environmental change, there is an increased risk that outbreaks will become epidemics. It Takes All of Us rallies millennials, families, healthcare workers and global leaders to put the tools, processes, and willpower in place to prevent epidemics. 

Epidemics on the other side of the world are a threat to us all. No epidemic is just local.
— Dr. Peter Piot


Health Content

Build awareness and increase understanding, humanize the issue, create educational materials, shift minds, and call communities to action.

Activities: Documentary film, Short Digital Content, Educational Platform and Content, and Global Distribution

Global Advocacy

Align multi-stakeholder audiences to a shared message that results in high-level commitments and coordinated action.

Activities: Stakeholder Events, Community Screenings, Leadership Calls-to-Action, Public Campaign for Science, Partnerships & Coalition Building

Tools & Solutions

Strengthen global health capacities for epidemic preparedness by meeting critical needs of frontline healthcare workers and communities.

Activities: Design Research, Co-Creation Workshops, Prototyping and User-Testing, Impact Measurement

Work & Impact

Our social impact campaign, It Takes All of Usis an urgent call-to-action that aligns the public and global health leadership in the fight against epidemics. Click through the highlights below to discover some of the impact our content, advocacy and solutions are having, and who we're working with around the world.

Unseen Enemy, A Documentary Film

Our feature-length documentary film depicts three stories of lives on the frontlines of infectious disease outbreaks in Brazil, Liberia, and the United States. Unseen Enemy conveys how the effects of epidemics reach far beyond the terrible tolls of sickness and death. We make a compelling argument that everyone is irrevocably connected, and that our connections are either incredibly dangerous or a powerful force for good. It Takes All of Us to use it for the latter.

Directed and Written by: Janet Tobias

Produced by: Michael Ehrenweig, Rogger Lopez, and Janet Tobias

In Collaboration with

Host a Screening

+ Watch the Film


+ Broadcast Highlights

CNN Films

7.2 million P2 viewers

Arte / WDR

344,000 Broadcast Viewers


5,500 viewers (2017 G20 limited digital release)

AfriDocs on BET Africa

Highest rating episode, Aug-Sep 2017
Rating: 0.91, 216% higher than the channel average

+ 25 Broadcasts & Digital Releases in 50 Countries


Angola, Benin, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Cote d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Lesotho, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Reunion, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, Swaziland

Hong Kong, Israel, Japan

Central, Latin & South America
Carribbean, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Venezuela

Estonia, France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland

North America
Canada, United States

Upcoming Broadcasts

  • Thailand
  • India, NDTV
    Part 1: 6 April 10:30pm
    Part 2: 8 April 2:30pm

Get in touch for specific distribution information.

+ 9 Official Festival Selections

Copenhagen International Film Festival 2017

Beijing International Film Festival 2017

Sheffield International Documentary Festival 2017

Moscow 360 Film Festival 2017

INSTIDOC – Ciclo do Documentário Institucional 2017

InScience Dutch International Science Film Festival 2017

Global Health Film Festival 2017

United Nations Association Film Festival 2017

Transitions Film Festival

+ 5 Award Nominations

2018 Writers Guild
Documentary Script — Current Events

The Illuminate Award
Sheffield International Documentary Festival

Best International Feature Documentary Award
Beijing International Film Festival

NTR Audience Award and the Student Jury Award
InScience Dutch International Science Film Festival

+ 1 film, 7 ways, 11 languages

We cut six films in addition to our original release, tailoring each to a specific stakeholder or public audience in North America, Europe, India, United Kingdom, China, Japan, Brazil, Africa. We also made the film accessible to a global audience, subtitling or dubbing it in 11 langages.


100+ Pieces of Short Digital Content

We created 100+ short videos for in-person events, social media channels, and advocacy platforms. They were distributed through a comprehensive global health network on digital media channels as well as in-person events on 5 continents. 


How my daughter died from a simple case of flu
6.5 million page views of the article

Gwen & Terry go live with Dr. Sanjay Gupta on CNN's Facebook to talk about the flu
442k views, 2.9k reactions, 1.4k shares, 582 comments

+ Global Citizen

Terry & Gwen Flu Video, shared 5 times
770 reactions

Polio, Lady Vaccinator Video
630 reactions

Ebola Survivor: 23 year old Decontee Davis' Story
265 reactions

+ Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Epidemic Preparedness Video
24k reactions
Shared personally by Bill Gates

+ RetroReport

View Politics and Plagues on NYTimes.com

Video Highlights

Global Advocacy and Leadership

In addition to the film and short content, we developed targeted calls-to-action and worked with partners to implement them. We brought our messages to events and stakeholder meetings around the world, touching every single continent and over 60 organizations in-person. We continue to receive requests to use the film as a communications tool in global health leadership and educational settings. Going forward, we are steering a newly framed conversation on influenza and the tools we can use to track it, diagnose it, and prevent infection. 

...we urgently need better cooperation, especially when it comes to infectious diseases.
— Chancellor Angela Merkel

+ Leadership

We engaged 60+ organizations, institutions, universities, and businesses in film screenings or short video content and dialogues on epidemic preparedness.

+ Engaging stakeholders at 83 events in 29 Countries on 6 Continents

Unseen Enemy helped engaged people at 83 events in 29 countries on 6 continents in content and dialogue about infectious disease epidemics, health systems and global preparedness.

Highlights include:

  • World Economic Forum
    Supporting launch of CEPI
  • National Academy of Sciences with the National Academy of Medicine
    with Dr. Victor Dzau, Dr. Tony Fauci, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Peter Sands
  • European Commission with Health Directorate and Directorate General for Research and Innovation
  • Moms, Dads, Families +SocialGood
    Inspiring $500k commitments to healthy families around the world with UNF, Shot@Life and Johnson & Johnson
  • World Health Assembly with the World Bank
  • Tokyo Screening Event with St. Luke's University
  • Global Citizen Hamburg Festival in conjunction with the G20
    Aligning millennials with leadership prior to the G20 and announcing Johnson & Johnson's commitment to stockpiling Ebola vaccines
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 2017 Grand Challenges
  • Zika Community Screening in Recife in conj. with Global broadcast
    with Jansen, Altino Ventura Foundation, AACD, local press, doctors, nurses and families
  • China and U.S. CDC at Beijing American Center at U.S. Embassy
  • Indian International Centre

+ Putting 'Pandemic Preparedness' on the G20 agenda

+ Advocating for healthcare workers on-stage with Dr. Soka Moses prior to the G20

Targeted Solutions


+ Building a mobile tool with healthcare workers from 17 provinces in Cambodia

We're building a mobile information-sharing tool with healthcare workers that helps them respond more confidently and effectively on the frontlines,and strengthens local health system capacities in low-resource medical settings around the world. Last fall we conducted a 3-day design research and prototyping workshop that resulted in target use-cases and prototypes. We brought together 24 healthcare workers with local Khmer health stakeholders, establishing relationships with:


+ Piloting an Influenza Awareness Campaign for Fall 2018

Influenza poses the greatest and costliest pandemic threat to the world. There is so much we still need to know if we want to even slightly reduce it. That's why we're rallying the public to #KnowMoreFlu during the centennial year of the 1918 Influena Pandemic. We're helping put 21st century tools in the public's hands, to track flu outbreaks in communities; we're reframing a deadlocked dialogue on vaccines and driving particiption in public health interventions; and we're rallying support for leadership to advance influenza sceince, including the deveopment of a universal flu vaccine. Some of the tools we're promoting include: