Everyday, healthcare professionals around the world use information to make decisions that have important consequences for their patients. In many healthcare settings however, the information that doctors and nurses need to take action is inaccessible, out-of-date or irrelevant to their context. 


How can we connect global healthcare professionals to one another and to validated sources of information for real-time collaboration and on-the-job learning that improves their patient outcomes?


Co-Creating a Solution

We're creating a mobile tool with physicians, nurses and healthcare workers in low-resource medical settings. Our first design workshop took place with 24 physicians and nurses from 17 provinces in Cambodia and resulted in three use-case prototypes. This year, we are conducting a parallel workshop in Liberia where we'll gain further insight into the information needs and challenges experienced by healthcare professionals there and iterate on our developments. 

What we need is not always in the books.
If you have a severe case of asthma and there’s no nebulizer, what do you do?
We need access to other medical experiences.
...I know what knowledge can do to transform someone’s life.
— Dr. Kamara

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