In conjunction with Department of Population Health Science and Policy at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, we helped design a mobile app that empowers East Harlem residents to improve their own health and the health of their community in the fight against Diabetes Type 2. 

The app supplements a 10-week in-person workshop, Help Educate to Eliminate Diabetes (HEED). Its features and functionality were designed to deliver value including:

  • individual health tracking

  • local knowledge maps for locating fresh produce markets

  • access to healthy menus

  • ability to start and drive community action plans

 Download iHEED on  the  Apple Store  or  Google Play

 Download iHEED on  the Apple Store or Google Play

We found that Project HEED helps participants to:
■ Lose weight
■ Maintain stable blood sugar levels
■ Share healthy eating and exercise habits with family and friends