We are just at the beginning of understanding one of the most important functions of the brain: memory.

Memory is fundamental to being human. We are connected to our family, our friends, and to our culture by memory. Losing one’s memory is many people’s greatest fear. And even if you don’t fear losing your memory, most of us wish we wouldn’t forget that person's name at a party or conference.


In an upcoming 90-minute feature documentary, Ikana is exploring memory and the brain through a unique group of men and women, all competitors in the world memory championship. Memory Games follows these diverse men and women, who hail from North America, Europe and Asia as they train and compete using an ancient visualization technique, which allows them to accomplish feats of remembering that seem impossible (a deck of cards in less than 20 seconds, over 150 faces in 15 minutes, over 700 binary numbers in 5 minutes). All of the contestants stress that using the visualization technique known as a memory journey, can enable anyone to improve their memory.


  • 90 min feature documentary film

  • companion VR experience

  • 20 educational shorts: text, video, animation