TB was 1 of the top 10 causes of death worldwide in 2016, ranking above HIV and malaria.
— World Health Organization

Ikana is in the midst of a three-year campaign focused on ending TB. Leveraging our 10 years of work in the global TB education and advocacy space, our multimedia initiative drives action from public stakeholders, patients, and global leadership, resulting in a better-informed community, policy change and increased funding for pubic programs.


Past highlights

  • We created a TB education campaign for Indonesian villagers on the edge of a national park in Borneo.

  • We created campaign messaging for World TB day, celebrating the work of healthcare professionals.

  • Our founder, Janet Tobias, served on the MDR-TB working group of the Drug Forum of the National Academy of Medicine, traveling to Russia, South Africa, India and China to examine and report on drug resistant TB.


Current work

Global Health Reporting Center’s Unmasked: We All Breathe premiered across Africa on Mnet Movies in March 2019. Ikana is working with GHRC, Global Fund and other partners to drive a series of broadcasts, events and community-building activities in follow-up to the film.

We created a short TV piece on how Mumbai is fighting its unique Tuberculosis challenge in its own unique way, using technology, public policy and street-level systems.


With corporate partners like Johnson & Johnson, we create digital video highlighting front-line healthcare workers in the fight against TB.

Digital Content

  • 25+ short campaign/social media pieces focused in the high burden TB countries

  • Educational content for medical, nursing, and public health schools

Advocacy, Community Engagement & Political Shift

  • Support and grow TB activist communities and government leadership in South Africa, India, Peru and Eastern Europe

  • Clarify the connection between achieving SDGs and reducing TB

  • Work with our partners to mobilize 5+ country commitments to eliminate MDR-TB in a city, province or country

  • Engage audiences at 75+ events in TB health actions and advocacy