TB was 1 of the top 10 causes of death worldwide in 2016, ranking above HIV and malaria.
— World Health Organization

Over the next three years Ikana is increasing our company commitment to stopping the TB epidemic. We are launching an initiative to drive advocacy and action from public stakeholders, patients, and global leadership. Work will be executed in coordination with our 'resistant infections' (AMR) initiative, as 1/3 of the global burden of resistant infections is currently caused by MDR and XDR TB.

Past Work

Ikana has been working in the global TB education and advocacy space for almost ten years. We created a TB education campaign for Indonesian villagers on the edge of one of the country’s national parks in Borneo, as part of a greater effort to link health and the environment. More recently, we created campaign messaging for World TB day, celebrating the work of healthcare professionals. In other work, we also highlighted the success of a new drug against resistance TB in South Africa.

Our founder, Janet Tobias, served on the MDR-TB working group of the Drug Forum of the National Academy of Medicine, traveling to Russia, South Africa, India and China in order to examine and report on the threat of drug resistant TB.

One of the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 is to end the global TB epidemic.
— World Health Organization

Current work

Our 3 year initiative is designed to activate support from the public, patients, and global leadership for tackling the world’s most deadly infectious disease. Our goals are to:

  • enhance the global movement to significantly reduce TB infections
  • highlight best practices and commitments by countries like South Africa, India, China and Russia 
  • raise awareness and target critical attention toward eliminating resistant TB

Digital Content

  • 12 short films that highlight stories of patient, physician, and nurse advocates, community-driven action, and national leadership
  • 1 TV program highlighting India’s fight against TB
  • 3 long-form articles
  • Educational content for medical, nursing, and public health schools

Advocacy, Community Engagement & Political Shift

  • Support and grow TB activist communities and government leadership in South Africa, India and Eastern Europe
  • Clarify global leadership's understanding of the connection between achieving SDGs and reducing TB
  • Work with our partners to mobilize 5+ country commitments to eliminate MDR-TB in a city, province or country 
  • Engage audiences at 75+ digital & in-person events in TB health actions and advocacy