You Supply Me, I Supply You is a 5+ year internal education campaign to connect the people supplying products at Johnson & Johnson, as well as the larger company, with their customers and patients.

We created 23 powerful videos and companion poster stories and helped bring them to 5 continents. They tell the stories of a wide range of patients, customers and their families. The campaign featured personal stories of life with cancer, immune disorders, HIV-AIDS, diabetes, and the threat of stroke and embolism. In the campaign, we also highlighted the work of Johnson & Johnson employees in factories in China and Italy, Puerto Rico and Ireland, Belgium and Pennsylvania.

You supply me courage.
— Michelle, Patient Story

Michelle Sizorn

3:51 min
Parisian Michelle Sizorn talks about her fight against
hepatitis C.

Bill Oler

5:59 min
The story of how Bill Oler got to celebrate his 80th birthday with his children and grandchildren.